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As the world’s priorities change to focus on the impact the way we live has on our environment, we’re already doing everything we can to make sure Embraer aircraft are some of the most sustainable in the sky – and have been doing so for some time. It’s why our class-leading E-Jet family were testing sustainable aircraft fuels a decade ago and why the E2 Profit Hunter still meet the most up-to-date sustainability regulations. We’re also the only manufacturer in the up to 150 seat segment who have the engineering capabilities and aerospace experience to design, develop, build, and certify new technologies.

And it’s not just our aircraft, our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our entire production chain from processes, to facilities to our supply network. All coming together to make us Environment Champions.

Our Vision

Aviation has made the dream to fly a reality and through this journey has driven global technological development and innovations. Our industry provides the most efficient worldwide transportation network, which generates economic growth, creates jobs, facilitates international trade, tourism and fosters awareness of other cultures. We believe such force can keep its technical and economical thrust with no compromise to our planet’s sustainability. At Embraer, we hold on to this conviction and are committed to be carbon neutral by 2040 from our direct emissions and energy consumption emissions and to provide solutions to achieve net zero carbon emission in Aviation by 2050.

Commercial Aviation Commitments

Embraer Commercial Aviation is committed to achieving aviation’s goal of reducing C02 emissions and are a signatory of “Climate Action Takes Flight”

Net zero CO2 emissions by 2050

+1.5% fuel efficiency per year emissions

2020 carbon-neutral growth

In alignment with ATAG (Air Transport Action Group) and CORSIA (Carbon O setting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation)

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